Why delusion is popular or why people watch “The Bachelor”

garden-rose-thornOk so I have watched an entire episode of “The Bachelor” from start to finish albeit with a lot of snarky comments to my roomie (who is a regular viewer) and 2 glasses of red wine.

What did I learn?

1) None of these people will ever be satisfied.

Even if true love came to bite these women (or man) in the ass none of them would know it because all of them are hung up on a fantasy that is unattainable. When asked about what they want most of them just get this glassy-eyed look and talk about “fairy tales”, “special connections”, and “dreams”.

I’m sorry, but you’re an adult and you should know that relationships and love are work. They do not just fall together, men and women who “just get you” and have a “special smile” do not fall from the fucking sky.

2) The people who are there for attention are at least realistic.

I respect this.

Snooki also came up when I goggled train wreck.

You know who I respect on these types of shows, the bitch characters who go into full on train wreck/ sabotage mode with the other contestants. Why? Hopefully they are self aware enough to know that finding true love on a TV show, just isn’t going to happen. Might as well use the screen time to try and become a sensation of some kind. Seriously, just look at the success rates. The Bachelor is 2 for 17 and The Bachelorette is 3 for 9. That’s a 19 % success rate!!! You have a better chance of staying with someone you met and married in real life.

3) A red rose is the most ironic symbol for this show.

Everyone knows that red roses symbolize love and beauty, their color and scent. If you’ve ever had a rose bush or been lucky enough to receive long stem roses then you know they come with hard thorns. I’m sure the ones they give on the show have had them removed. Which to me explains exactly what’s wrong with the premise of the show.

My mom was a florist and she told me that the thorns were the price of being so beautiful. Roses in the wild can get eaten and have the thorns as a defense. In the real world people like roses have thorns. You have to take the good with the bad to have a working relationship. You have to be willing to get pricked to have a rose bush. To take the thorns off a rose is to deny what makes a rose, a rose. To take all the work and real moments out of dating is to deny that there will ever be bad times in a relationship. Do Bachelor contestants just say “through better and better-er” in their marriage vows? I wouldn’t be surprised.

oh noes

You like star trek more than star wars? Deal breaker!!

I don’t know why this show makes me so angry, but it does. And honestly I feel bad for all the contestants. What woman or man would want to compete for the affection of one person? What man or woman would want to have to dump 19 people in the span of about 3 weeks?

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